March Special: SJO-99831K Workbench & DW735X Planer

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Sjobergs SJO-99831K Nordic Plus 1450 Combo with Accessories Kit
DeWalt DW735X 13" 3 Knife Planer with Table Attachment 

Purchase before March 31st!
SJO-99831K $699.00  (Reg. price $851) 

DW735X is $599.00 (Reg. price $649) 

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The Sjobergs SJO-99831K Nordic Plus 1450 Combo with Accessories is a combination workbench that provides versatility for all your woodworking projects. With four standard vise locations—one on each end, and two along the front edge—the Nordic Plus is capable of securely holding almost anything. The vises can be rotated to suit left- or right-handed woodworkers, and they even can be positioned as dual front vises to hold extra-long boards for jointing, or as dual tail vises for an extended lengthwise clamping capacity of 63''.

The top is constructed from solid Scandinavian birch, while the trestle is made from Nordic pine. With a thickness of just over 1'' in the center, and a skirt of 2-3/4'', the top is very rigid. Purchasing the Combo with Accessories takes your workbench to a new level. The inclusion of the cabinet and accessories kit make it functional for doing a variety of projects while providing the storage you need to keep everything you are not using tucked away. 

By using quality materials, top of the line finishes and building sturdy products the Sjobergs brand provides long-term functioning products at a price that is hard to beat!


  • The Nordic 1450 Workbench, the 2 door-4 drawer Storage Cabinet, 4 Steel Bench Dogs, Holdfast, Jaw Cushions, Aluminum Jaw Protectors and the Steel Anvil.  Powerful steel vise spindles can withstand up to 1300 kp of force (12748 N)
  • Vises have a 4-1/2'' opening capacity
  • Double rows of bench dog holes extend from all vise locations
  • Trestle is also pre-drilled with dog holes
  • Includes four 3/4'' round plastic/glass fiber bench dogs

Check out how this workbench can work for you here!


Another dependable woodworking tool that is a great accompaniment to your projects is the DeWalt DW735X 13" 3 Knife Planer with Table Attachment. If you are looking for a planer that can work with larger materials with ease, look no further! This planer is a step above the rest and cuts with precision and ease. 

The DW735X 13" Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer is powered by a 15 Amp motor to easily managing large cuts in wider materials. Three-knife cutter head with 10,000 rpm and feed speed options for 96 or 179 CPI provide optimal performance.


  • Strong 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor (Cutterhead speed is 10,000 RPM) this planer takes on huge cuts and wide wood with no problem
  • The 3 knife cutter-head gives the knife a 30% longer life and allows for a knife change to be quick and easy.
  • Easily change feed speed via the two speed gear box to allow CPI at either 96 or at 170 cuts per inch
  • Keep chips off the cutter head by exhausting them off the machine with the fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums
  • For an extra set of knives, there are infeed and outfeed tables.
  • Table Attachment 

See how this planer is a step above the rest!


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The Sjobergs SJO-99831K  for $699.00 and the DeWalt DW735X for $599.00.