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A Drill Bit Rundown

Posted by Tomboy Supply on

An essential for every tool box - Do your drill justice by having the proper drill bits for the job!

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Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Grinding Machine

Posted by Kimberly Maples on

If you are looking to sharpen your tools with the precision and result of that done by a bladesmith, look no further. The Tormek T-4 uses water cooling and low RPM’s to keep the heat generation to a bare minimum. This eliminates the loss of hardness that comes along with high speed and high heat grinding. Since heat build up damages steel, the T-4 runs cool enough that every blade sharpened is cool enough to touch without a second thought. The Tormek T-4 sharpens in seconds with accuracy! No sparks, no dust and the wheel turns slow so its not...

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