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Hello All,

I hope you all had a great and safe Thanksgiving!  We had a great one with family. 

It has been forever since we have blogged, especially one that I have written, but thankfully it is because we have been extremely busy this year, thanks to all of you!

I know we sell tools and we love to talk about building but with November coming to an end and it being National Adoption Month, I felt compelled to blog off topic.  I promise, it won't happen very often, and it will never be political!  

I suppose it is about tools and building but it is about giving a child the tools to build a successful life.   Two of our four "Tomboys" are adopted and we could not be more blessed!  Actually, we finalize the adoption on our youngest tomboy, "Big Red", next week.  All three of our adopted kiddos have been adopted through state child protective agencies.  There are over 100,000 kids waiting for adoption in the United States right now.  This doesn't even include the babies who are going to be adopted through private adoptions.  

There are so many misconceptions about adoption but there are great agencies out there to help.  We love Gladney Center for Adoption.  They have helped with all three of our adoptions and have been amazing.  We also have benefited from Hope Cottage in Dallas, TX.  Through Gladney, you can do a private infant adoption, or they can help you adopt through CPS.  Kids through CPS are usually older but the cost is minimal and these are kids who really deserve good homes.  We met tons of great kids when we were waiting to be matched.  Not going to mislead you, adopting an older child can be exceptionally challenging.  It is disheartening how much violence, indifference, and neglect so many of these children have been exposed to in their short lives. 

If you have ever thought about adopting, regardless of the reason, please contact some agencies to get more information.  Always go with a trusted organization.  We have heard countless horror stories but we never experienced this.  Gladney is the largest adoption agency in the world and was beyond impressive with their knowledge and dedication. 

Sorry for the one off but we, at Tomboy Supply, are very fervent about adoption and giving back.  Not only will you help a child build a better life, you will be amazed how they will help you build a better life as well!

Build on!

The Tomboy